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We pack in the FUN! Each month your child's craft subscription box will include four pre-packaged crafts and activities with easy kid friendly directions. They will also receive one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Activity focusing on making learning a fun hands on experience. Some household items may be needed for the STEM activity. Everything they need to complete the crafts will be included! Even the glue dots, markers, and scissors!

The first FUNvelope your child will receive will include a pencil case that the child decorates and uses to store the scissors, and markers that they will use for future craft projects each month. Also included is a learn to draw card, a fun printable as well as other small toys or activities. Each month follows a new and exciting theme. These themes will never include holidays. So, there is no risk of the child receiving holiday crafts after that month's holiday. You will be amazed how much fun we can pack into these FUNvelopes!

Children LOVE getting packages in the mail! That's what makes Myfunvelope such a special gift for the child in your life. Each month myfunvelope ships amazing craft subscription boxes to Canadian kids. With free shipping anywhere in Canada! You pay only $19 each month. Myfunvelope is the most affordable children's craft subscription in Canada. Try it risk free today cancel easily any time no tie-ins!
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