Are you looking for the best gift for your child or in search of a recurring activity for your whole family? Well, a children’s subscription box is a brilliant option!

Make learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math more fun and exciting not just for the kids, but for the whole family as well.

With our crafts and STEAM activity boxes, you open more opportunities for your kids to think creatively, improve their problem-solving skills, refine their building skills, boost their motor skills, and let them engage in a beautiful discovery about the world around them.

We fully understand that not all parents can think, plan, and prepare for their kids’ activities on a weekly or monthly basis. This is why we are here to make it easier for you.

In this monthly subscription, your child will receive four unique craft projects that follow a FUN monthly theme. They will also receive a STEAM activity too!

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. With these craft boxes, your kids will continuously look for more activities to work on and be busy about.

MyFunvelope will be charged on the first of each month (for the monthly box). The four, six, and twelve month subscriptions will be charged all at once, then prepared and shipped out before the fifteenth of each month.

Every child is born a potential genius. As parents, it is our responsibility to hone and nurture their intelligence and make sure that they get the right tools. But, it must be in a very exciting, joyful, and innovative way.

With MyFunvelope, your kids will absolutely love to learn how to build, create, solve, and have loads of fun! Get a monthly subscription today and foster their ingenuity, teamwork, resilience, creativity, and even 21st century-skills.

Make MyFunvelope their new laboratory. Sign up today!