Baby and Life myfunvelope craft subscription review

"I’m totally HOOKED! As are my kids! Read on to see why I think this craft subscription box is worth the $18 you’ll be spending per month. It was a random decision to toss the two FUNvelopes into our suitcase but boy am I glad I did!" "As we were all rushing around prepping for my cousin’s wedding in Dubai, Little Monkey and Baby Boy found themselves at our rental apartment with not much to do. As adults rushed in and out, taking turns to watch the kids, Little Monkey and Baby Boy were soon bored after the first day. That’s when I remembered the MyFUNvelope and pulled it out thinking it would keep them busy for an hour…5 hours later they were still having fun with some of the items!! The theme for February was Superheroes so Little Monkey received a pink Bat Girl themed package while Baby Boy received a blue Superman themed one ( how appropriate given his Instagram account!)."-Yashy (Baby&Life) See Full Review HERE

hello subscription  Canadian craft subscription review

"My sister and her daughters really enjoyed their Myfunvelope! The theme was so much fun and perfect for the season! We really like that this subscription had plenty of activities for two kids, so both could work on their favourite activity at the same time without too much fighting! Also, we appreciate that because it’s a craft subscription, there’s no “wrong” way to do things. The watermelon seed stickers ended up on the headband instead of the watermelon? So what! My nieces had fun making the activities their own, and that was the best part.

This is MY favourite activity: planting seeds, and then waiting a while to see something grow. The face stickers are fun to put on cups and pretend the grass is hair! I think I’ll start putting googly eyes and stickers on all my flower pots.-Catherine (Hellosubscription) See Full Review HERE

Ottawa mommy club myfunvelope review

"What I really like about myfunvelope is that most of the contents of the envelope are portable. They can easily be taken on a train or a car ride to help kids entertained while en route to your destination. I could even see how a child could have fun doing these activities while at home when they are not feeling well. These activities are also ones that can be used over and over again, so the fun can go on for many days to come.

Overall, my kids enjoyed opening up their myfunvelope subscription set. There was a lot to do, so the activities could be spread out over a couple of days or on a not so favourable day outside. Many of the activities were easy to create on their own, so they can become independent learners" -Ottawa Mommy Club See Full Review HERE

"Not too long ago I reviewed the Superhero myfunvelope package, and I was WOWED. If you haven’t read my review, you can check it out here. I had no idea that so much fun could be packed inside of an envelope! We were sent two Superhero myfunvelopes, and there was enough projects to keep all three boys occupied for several hours.

The continued goal of MyFUNvelope is to provide a fun, exciting and engaging monthly craft subscription service that is affordable! For the second time, I am WOWED by this service. This is truly an envelope of FUN, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the boys eyes lit up when they saw it. They remembered the Superhero packages, and they had so much fun doing those craft activities. This is truly a subscription service to get excited about!" -Andrea (A Moms Perspective) See Full Review HERE

a year of boxes myfunvelope review

"I think this subscription box is brilliant! Just coming out of spring break I heard so many moms say they ran out of ideas of what to do with their kids while on break. Also, so many parents feel guilty when they turn to Netflix too much during a day. It can also be exhausting coming up with new ideas and crafts for your kids to do. This is a great solution! Plus I was just saying to my sister that I should start doing something like this for my niece, and look, someone is already doing it! These make great after lunch snacks or perfect things to take to grandmas house for the afternoon. All of these can be completed easily, yet provide enjoyment past their creation. Some really good thought has been put in here and I feel really impressed by the details" -Shonah (a year of boxes) See Full Review HERE

Canadian craft subscription review

"Our first MyFunvelope box was a hit with the whole family! It is obvious that my kids loved it, they wanted to do all the crafts on the first day, one after another. I did manage to spread them out the course of about three days. Our favorite item in the box was the grass heads. The kids love watching their grass head grow everyday and help care for them with water, sunshine and, of course, haircuts. Even Mom and Dad are enjoying watching them grow. We have used this as a teaching lesson about what plants need to grow and how they are good for our environment. This box has a great range and variety of very simple to slightly more complex crafts, which makes it great for young preschool kids and older ones as well.

I have seen a few similar kids crafts boxes, but I love that it comes in an envelope, to reduce the cost and save on shipping. As a new subscription box, I cannot wait to watch this company grow." See Full Review HERE

Canadian craft subscription review

"What we loved about the craft package was that it had everything that we needed to do all the activities. It saved us a lot of time and running around in getting any of the little things needed to make craft success.

For this #MelandNikkiReview, we give “Myfunvelope” 5 super powers out of 5! If you would like to try this subscription it is super easy to start! All you need to do is sign up and let the crafting begin! Don’t forget to follow Myfunvelope on Facebook and Instagram for some great crafting ideas!" -Momma Braga See Full Review HERE

Canadian craft subscription review

When it comes right down to it, children LOVE getting packages in the mail and they love having fun crafts or projects to complete. MyFUNvelope does all of this so very well. It being a package of learning-based, creative projects that helps to capture and hold the attention of my children exceptionally well – all for a super affordable price. Only $18 a month (with free shipping)! We’ve tried a few different monthly craft subscriptions for the kids before and this is by far the most affordable (and best quality!) one I have come across so far. From all of us here, we give MyFUNvelope a double (even triple!)thumbs up and would highly recommend it for gift ideas, or just to help tone down the “crazy” in your house and direct all that energy into some fun projects such as these. -Glimpse Reviews See the full review HERE